Your Weirdo 7 Inch - Jack & The Beanstalk

Label:Hellfire Club Records (France)
Tracks:Your Weirdo
Not Satisfied
Mr Pretty Nothing
Walking Out On Love

Rating: 4/5

The Your Weirdo 7 Inch is the first new material for Perth’s Jack & The Beanstalk since their debut album And Other Stories and is also the debut release for French record label Hellfire Club Records. The permanent addition of guitarist Kevin Borrusso (ex Stonemasons, Superscope) to the lineup has done wonders for the bands sound as evidenced by the ferocious and frantic title track. Jack & The Beanstalk have never rocked as hard as this. Not Satisfied is another great song that reminds me of the early Stems singles but without the fuzz and organ while Mr Pretty Nothing is textbook power pop with great backing vocals. The last song is faithfully rocking live version of the Beat classic Walking Out On Love (which has been a live favourite of the band for many years now), which perfectly illustrates how much Joe and co. love to turn the volume up when playing live.

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